Thursday, February 17, 2011

Protectorate Trooper and Eisenkern Trooper WIP

I have been pulling together models for what will be my 28mm and 15mm minis.
I first build a mesh in Rhino, and then export as an OBJ to Zbrush to flesh out details on fabric and leather items. Nothing beats Rhino for hard surface items such as armor and helmets but Zbrush is ideal for the soft items.

You can see here the base mesh for the Protectorate Trooper.
 Here you can see the Zbrush detailing to the boots and pants. The folds are symmetrical now but will be corrected when the model is posed.

Here are a couple of shots of the Eisenkern WIP.
The feet, hands, and some details have been oversized. When you shrink it down to its 28mm scale it looks more appropriate to the scale of the figure.

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  1. Love seeing this kinda step by step. Great work. I like seeing how your using rhino and zbrush together, gonna have to give that a try after some more tuts. Best of luck to you!