Friday, May 7, 2010

Intermission: Queue the elevator music

Clean up of the Leviathan print is going well. While you wait and for your viewing pleasure... a few renders of a tank I made back in 2004. It will need some updating but I will get it back into production.


  1. Did you ever see what my fellow Waaaghers did with one of the originals? for the build
    and for the paint job.

  2. Sweet! I remember that model! Freaking cool walker! Too many mini guns for my taste. I'd like to see a pair on the top of the turret or one on each side. :)

    Still an amazing render.

  3. Love it! Actually it has a crabby look that I think would be perfect for the pelagic dominate if it were in 15mm scale! Hey, there's an idea ....

  4. The Widow is back!

    Missed it last time, but really looking forward to the rerelease! (still hoping for the Reaper...)