Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One if by land, two if by sea... The Leviathans are coming!

At long last, pixels meet the living world as true life objects. Now the arduous task of clean up and molds.
There is a lot of work to be done, smoothing the models surface, sprueing the many components, pre production molds and finally production molds, instructions and a painting guide.

I will be posting updates here so check back.


  1. Looking good! I'm really looking forward to the production model - keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks all!

    knobgobbler: It will be a resin cast model.

    All the best,

  3. åh my god
    i have been look at your page for some years now
    and i have been hoped that you would one day, finde the time and the energy to build again.
    but i to this i can only say,

    MINE MINE MINE, MUST HAVE :-) can i please buy one or two :-)

    thanks from john in denmark

  4. Beautiful...
    Can't believe how glad I am to finally be seeing this close to completion :)

  5. Sorry to clog up your wall...

    Have you had the extra leg armour printed for the Crusader as pictured earlier in your blog? It strikes me as one of the largest differences between the Mortis and the Crusader.

  6. Not at all Ben, comment all you want.
    Yep all those armor looking parts are the Arm and Leg armor additions. And I'm glad to see it make it this far as well :)

    Greetings dkminos: Hehe, I'm glad you like it :)

  7. Splendid...
    Don't suppose you'd be interested in pre-orders? I wants one :)
    How long till we'll be seeing more faction info? I'm curious as to what factions will get access to which Leviathans. I'd like to see the Paladin soon too.

  8. No pre-orders yet... I want to make sure the molds are production ready.

    As far a what factions can use this frame, check this out. Keep in mind its a rough draft with some errors and grammatic issues.

  9. Already had a gander at that..
    Although apparently every faction can use the Crusader. Cool :)

  10. Wow, haven't heard a thing in 6 years and then, this!

    Hope the Reaper will be up soon as well! I've been wanting once since it showed on the old forums!

  11. Sargarius: Indeed, all the parts for the Reaper (Mortis) are in the print and will be released at the same time as the Crusader.

    After that there are three more variants. Gabriel, Azriel and Azazel. The I need to complete out the Paladin and a re-release of an improved Black Widow... After that more Leviathans? Infantry? tanks? just depends on what people want more

  12. Any idea of a price range for the finished kit?

  13. Infantry would be a great start me thinks :)
    Although I am really hanging out for a Paladin.

    Don't suppose you've considered printing these at 6mm scale? The Epic crowd would go mad for some new interesting small scale kit. I know I'd happily pick up a few households at 6mm.

  14. Can i just say wow. I really can't express how awesome i think your work is. Please keep posting/sculpting/producing! I want.

    Ben, my vote would be 28mm-ish so i can use some of these models for 40k :X

    I will be stalking this blog waiting for the store to go up and running.

  15. He's definitely printing these at 28mm, that's been the plan all along. He was talking about getting them done at a smaller more playable scale also though, so I'm just pushing my own interests :P

  16. How tall will this model end up being when it is put together?

  17. Dylan:
    I'm not sure yet... I need to see how much time/material it takes to make a kit.

    I'm not sure if I'll go 6mm.. I know I'm going 15mm because I can still capture the details at this scale and its small enough to use as a table top gaming scale.

    9-9.5" for the larger 28mm and 4.3" or so for the 15mm scale

  18. Max:
    Thank you sir :) I will try to keep it awsome..hehe. I intend to keep at it, so much to do so little time.

  19. So how do i order these awesome models ? the game site isnt working for me lol

  20. 15mm mass battle would be great! Though I will have to get the 28mm big brother too!

    I am so glad to see all these moving forward again, I really loved what you had back in 04.