Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Out for quote

We hit a milestone today. I just sent the Leviathan out for quote. If everything works out $$ wise it will be printed in the next few weeks and then its on to clean up and molds.

I'm sure it wont be cheap; I have the paramedics on speed dial in case I need them :)

You can see the number of components, I will sprue many of these together for the production kit. I wanted to give this model the ability to be customized and posed, hence the great many parts.

The first release will be the Mortis and the Crusader, others to follow.


  1. Congrats! Did you settle on a size and scale? All resin, or some pewter mixed in?


  2. Hi John, the first release will be 28mm and the model will stand roughly 10" tall. It will be all resin but I may have the toes cast in white metal depending on the cash I have left after the print.

    MTD, yep i'm exited as well but dreading the bill :)

  3. can't wait for this already saving the money will there be a pay-pal option available and will you be able to ship worldwide by chance ??? and i love that its in 28mm.

  4. Paypal preferred :) and yes... world wide. 28mm for the first releases, then 15mm.

  5. 15mm sounds cool. How big will that be??

  6. This is pretty exciting stuff. Congrats.