Thursday, January 7, 2010

Extra Armor and some serious stompers!

Here is a example of one armor variant; The legs, shoulders and feet have been up-armored some plates for the arms, waist and neck/upper torso still need to be created.

This armor set was designed for used on the Leviathan Crusader, but will be able to be used on any of the variants as shown.


  1. Beautiful work, but saddening that I'll never likely afford one...

  2. Hi Armor Bimbo, Sean? wow its been a while :)

    I just posted this over at Dakka in answer to the same issue, its probubly worth posting here as well.

    Your concerns do not fall on deaf ears; I do everything I can to make my kits as reasonable as possible. I certainly wont be getting rich off this and don’t feel I need to. It’s an expensive hobby to be sure. The cost for a small manufacturer to make such kits is fairly inflexible. You can sculpt them by hand, this being the least expensive option or use a CAD program and have them printed at 3-5k for something this size. The mold costs and resin costs are what they are. Silicone rubber runs about $91 per gallon and a kit like this will take 3-5 gallons. The resin runs $80+ per gallon and will likely use ¼ of that per casting… then you add in mold release, box and packaging Ebay seller’s fees and Paypal and your left with a healthy sum just to sell a kit. If you’re having you’re kits cast out of house you pay $75 and up for this service. I could cast them in house but this takes me away from expanding my product line. It’s a double-edged sword.

    All I can say is that we will offer other kits that will be at a lower purchase price. I also plan to release these in 10mm or 15mm scale; roughly 3 to 3.5” tall for this model and the cost of these will be within reach of most gamers. I feel the smaller scale is FAR more usable than the larger when it comes to gaming and I would expect to sell many more in this scale than in the 28mm scale, but I like may others like the large models and collect them for painting and modeling purposes more than gaming.

    All the best,

  3. Farm production out, and let a reliable subcontractor/specialist worry about it. Concentrate on concept creation and design. I burned myself trying to do it all (design, marketing, and retail). No fun.

    I'm outsourcing (for now) through Shapeways. I'll see how it turns out. Might be the ticket for niche guys like ourselves until we hit the big time.

    And I second your thoughts on 15mm (lots of stuff out there), 1/144th (Heavy Gear), N-Scale (CAV and Mechwarrior).


  4. I am sure People will buy some of these, Forge World released their Chaos Reaver. I am sure people are buying them. But, it is costly to cast. But it might be worth it.

  5. Not saying that the price is too high, more that I wish I could afford to pay that. Can wait to see how these turn out and the prices on the amller versions.

  6. so are you going to still produce them in 28 mm because thats the scale i generally play with and i was hoping they would be compatible ???

  7. Yep first 28mm then 15mm then perhaps 6mm?