Thursday, January 31, 2013

And now a word from or sponsor...

FAUX NEWS REPORT.... This just in.


National Guard forces were defeated today in an all-out assault on Ogden Utah; this could very well be the end of life as we know it.... And now a word from our sponsor- Blammo! It's better than bad, it’s good!
The shipment has arrived at WGF Utah and will begin shipping in bulk on Monday. This process could take anywhere from seven to fourteen days depending on how many of you opted to wait on your shipping. WGF are bringing in extra staff to deal with the project and expedite the process.
Kickstarter backers will start receiving your shipping confirmations next week.
Retail sales will commence once all backers orders have been shipped.


  1. Fantastic news! I'm really looking forward to the kits - you've run an exemplary Kickstarter Mark, congratulations to you and the team at WGF!

  2. I don't want no stinking bike, I just want Ei-sen-kern!