Friday, November 19, 2010

Leviathan Mortis release date

I have a (tentative) release date of December 15th. If all goes well and there are no major hiccups.

There is still ALLOT of work to be done. Molds checked for vent and sprue issues, Instructions, Box art, Web store and shopping cart integration, ect. Perhaps a more realistic date would be January but I like to push myself.

I may releases the first one or two on Ebay if I don’t have time to work out the cart and website issues.

Pricing as it stands now:
Leviathan Mortis: With Scythe and right hand Claw $350.00
Optional weapons: Right hand Vulkan $45.00
The Leviathan Mortis is a all resin model kit, roughly 9.5" tall
I will be working a lot of late nights to try to get this out the door by the 15th, so please be patient with me if the date is bumped.

Please understand that they will initially be produced in house so the number of kits available will be limited due to having only one set of production molds and production equipment.

I will update the blog with pictures of the final casts and assembled model as soon as they are completed.


  1. Will there be a way to pre-order the Leviathan Titan?

    I'm really excited to see a due date on your projects! Good Luck, and Thanks for all your Hard Work!

  2. $350 is really not bad, especially for the quality that it is! Will all the kits be priced equally or are some going to vary because of weapons and resin amounts?

  3. Hi guys,

    Max- I'm not sure how I want to handle that yet? I know that I refuse to take a customers cash until there is product to send.

    Sargarius- The kits that have the armor add-ons will be $30-40 more and the weapons, as they are released will range from $30-45 depending on the number of molds and amount of resin they need.

  4. Any chance of getting a claw and vulcan version?

  5. JRV: Soon after the Crusader is released I will have the left and right hands for both the Vulkan and the Claw... so, yes...