Friday, January 22, 2016

DreamForge-Games Price Increase.

We started down the road to manufacturing plastic kits in 2012, a lot has happened since then. I have seen shipping prices nearly double, WGF has ceased to be our distributor and we have taken over that aspect of operations. We now purchase our kits from WGF China directly.
We recently place two restock orders to bring our stock levels back on par, the shipping costs have been an eye opener. In many cases shipping from China to the US was more than the actual cost to manufacture a kit. Some kits needed to be brought in line with their cost of production. This price increase was as minimal as we could make it most items will see an increase of 5% to 8% with some more drastic adjustments to kits that were selling into distribution at a lower than delivered cost to us.
To maintain the health of DreamForge-Games it has become clear that we will need to implement a price increase, effective February 15th 2016
I thank you for your continued support.
Mark Mondragon


  1. Mark

    Have you considered getting a European distributor, perhaps based here in the UK which would keep the costs down for shipping to Europe.

    It is a shame that you were not able to utilise Warlord Games as the main importer for Europe.

    I live in Nottingham UK and highly recommend Warlord Games.