Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stage 1 ship date

As of today we estimate stage one will arrive in the WGF Utah warehouse the last week of January.

I will have more pics to post as they come in from WGF China.

Here are a few shots of Ada, a Kickstarter special mini and the first of the female Stormtroopers to see plastic.



  1. Like I posted on the KS Comments, she looks ace. Any chance of getting a side by side of her next to a regular male trooper in a stright stance?

  2. Looks great! you really did great job with her. I am extremly sorry that I will be missing out on her. Hopefully the rest of the female stormtroopers will be similar in style.

  3. Gloria, yes they will all share the same design. Different poses, head and weapon options but all will have the same base model.

  4. Sir,
    If I may ask:
    Will the female troopers have the same weapons options as the male troopers?
    Will they be comparable with the male trooper accessories?
    Will they also have helmeted heads and helmeted squad leader head options?
    Thank you for your time!