Friday, April 29, 2011

23 Slots Filled!

I just wanted to give a tickler and say thank you to all the supporters who spent thier hard earned cash. We are now nearly half way through the open slots for the pre-orders, I expect the pace to slow from here, but time will tell.

The Leviathan Crusader seems to be the most popular at the moment and many orders have included extra weapons.

Please keep in mind the Crusader comes as pictured and any extra weapons will not have the added armor for the optional arms... If you need to have armor for these optional arms, pick up an Armor Upgrade and specify what weapon arms you need armor for. If you had allready placed an order and need to add this item, send me an email so that I can send you an invoice. That way your not paying full shipping fees for the added item.

Just a reminder, you may need to clear your browser cache if your not seeing this, when you go here.
IE has a nasty habit of not showing new content if you have visited a site before ;(

All the best,


  1. Beautiful model, can't wait for mine to arrive.

    One thing bothers me about the extra armor kits - the fact that we can only buy the full set even when we only want one arms armor. Adding an option to the weapon purchase would be more reasonable.

  2. I hear you... I'll see if I can work something out with my caster. If I can, I will issue partial refunds for the updated costs. No guarantees yet, I need to talk with them on Monday about this issue.