Monday, April 19, 2010

Khurasan Hunter Class Gun Carriage

I made a hull variant with three weapon variations. Jon Just posted an article and preview up on TMP

"The Hunter class of Federal Marine gun carriages is designed around a lengthened Caffarata-class hull, and can mount a variety of support weapons.

Like the Caffarata infantry carrier it is a hybrid anti-grav/wheeled vehicle. The class is named for Thomas Peck Hunter, a 20th Century Royal Marine who was awarded the Victoria Cross for sacrificing his life to save others in his unit who were exposed to devastating enemy firepower. His extremely aggressive use of his gun (a Bren gun) to support his fellow marines sets the standard by which all Federal Marine Hunter batteries strive to perform."
The Hunter AAA provides vital air defense, mounting two pulse lasers as well as a launch box for an early warning drone which can be set to search for incoming aircraft and missiles beyond radar range.
The Hunter MLRS provides the corps commander with extremely long range firepower which can deploy a variety of sub-munitions.
The Hunter SPA carries a 30cm neutron howitzer into battle.

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